Crypto Dash by Professor Plankton

 Are you poor? Do you own less than one pair of Yeezy's? Are your socks even name brand? Well perhaps you can find wealth in Professor Plankton MD's new online course! Here's how it works:

Step 1. Fly one Trademarked MrBeast: Bartering Advertisements and Resource Finder or B.A.R.F. for short, through our treacherous maze.
Step 2. Collect the Chucky Cheese Toke- I mean highly Sophisticated Crypto Currency on your way to the unemployment line.
Step 3. Profit. And by profit, we mean we hope you are prepared to do the exact same thing three different times in three different rooms that are all really the same but with an extra block in your way.

Here is a simple diagram for what to expect with your first expedition with Crypto Dash. This diagram was hand forged by dwarven elves in the late 1800’s and was manufactured and mass produced for the masses by Nickolas Tesla and William Ford.

Professor Plankton holds no legal liability for the success of this course.

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Haha this is funny.

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