Crown with roses

first one with eevee

the next one with cycles with reduced Light Paths > Max Bounces (6) to speed up the render time. I am not used to Cycles, because my PC is a i3 and very slow while rendering with cycles, but I want to give it a try and experiment with subsurf scattering…


My next crown

I had some problems with the material of the gemstones and the topology could be better, but despise I am quite happy with the result and learned a few things while modeling.



Just my thoughts…
I would expect a thrown or sofa on which the crown lies.
And a table with cloth a bowl or vase with flowers (which are lovely).

Good Job!.

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Thanks, FedPete for your inspiration and your thoughts. :slight_smile: I like your ideas very much and I hope I will have time in the next weeks to visualize them.

The King is Dead…

Sry had to make my crown too :blush:

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Your crown looks great!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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