Creativity for Coders - unlock your artistry

The idea is to debunk the myth of left-brain/right brain people and show people that creativity is something you can train. The course would be for coders who feel that coming up with game ideas and mechanics is out of their reach. It’d give people who consider themselves primarily “logic” based the tools, techniques and knowledge to unleash their creative flair.

Possible techniques would include;

  • How to brainstorm effectively
  • How to use limits to open up ideas
  • Making old ideas fresh

And more!


I think this is a great idea. Do you have a clear idea of what you want to do, or are you still working up the idea?

I have a mostly clear idea; I know the techniques I want to teach, I need to figure out the projects that I’d used to demonstrate them.

I want to look at things like collaborative creation techniques, improvisation, inspiration and where to get ideas, how to streamline ideas, how to deal with coder’s bloc, stuff like that. It’d be drawing on my experience in theatre and education to help people get past the idea of being “logical but not creative”.

In other words, this is still very much in the planning phase but I wanted to gauge interest before plowing ahead with it.

This course is LIVE by the way guys, grab it here…

Congrats to @Yann_Burrett for getting it done so fast, and to such a high standard.

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