Creating Unarmed as a Weapon Scriptable Object

Any questions or comments on this lecture?

Well we figured out…don’t bring a fist to a SO sword fight!

So… My question is: why do you still use the getter methods instead of actual getters and setters?


Yeah, for some reason my Player character starts to vibrate when engaged/hit by the enemy! It’s really weird. He just bobs up and down and shakes/vibrates until I start hitting them back. Any idea what could be causing it?

For the Unarmed Weapon. Can I use the Weapon Prefab as an Empty GameObject and for the Override Controller, I create the Override Controller for Unarmed, too. Is it ok to do so? The result is fine anyway, does not have any difference.

Yes, in fact, later in the course, we’ll be adding some audio to an empty game object for sound effects when punching with the Unarmed WeaponConfig.

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Sorry for necromancing the post but I’m coming in late… just a bit.:sweat_smile:
Why using methods for getting WeaponRange and Damage in SO instead of a Property?

You can use a property if you wish. In terms of execution, there’s little difference, as a property will simply create a getter/(optional setter) method.