Create Header file with VS Community 2019

I stumble over the header file creation of the HiddenWordList.h.
Following the other post doesn’t help…

As you can see, the file is in the correct location and I rebuild the VS project more than once. Also deleted all the Binary solution to generate a fresh new one. But when I try to fill in the #include stuff I’m not able to get the IntelliSense suggestions. When I type it in as #include “CoreMinimal.h” comes a lot of errors…

What do I miss?


What you’re highlighting in that screenshot isn’t indicative of the files location on disk. That file could be anywhere and still show up there. If you hover over it it should tell you it’s actual location.

Thanks for the reply, but it is

As you can see in the properties the path fits

Then I suggest you refresh the project solution which you can do in a Unreal via the File menu

This I have already done, more than ones :wink:
I’m using unreal version 4.25.4, may be there are some changes…

maybe I found a solution. I switched back to VS Studio, within Unreal I create a new C++ class, which creates a cpp and h file. The cpp file stays then as a dummy in the solution and I use only the header file.
The cpp file has to be there, otherwise the trouble starts again. With this setup I can use the header file in the BullCowCartridge.cpp.

The header file:

The cpp

Anyway, the loading during runtime looks much nicer :wink:

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