Crash on GetBlackboardComponent()->SetValueAsVector

OK I had a crash after adding this. After a bit of searching I found other people had the same crash with this tutorial and had reported it in places like StackOverflow and the Unreal Forums. There is also a question on the Gamedev.TV forums which shows up in Google but doesn’t appear under this video. None of the links I found seem to offer a solution.

The solution is fairly simple. In the video and also when doing the tutorial myself the BT_EnemyAI is automatically linked to BB_EnemyAI. However it doesn’t get saved automatically so if you go to Visual Studio or Rider and do a full build without clicking the SaveAll button in the editor it will clear the Blackboard from the Enemy Behaviour Tree.

This sounds like it could be a Live coding issue. Have you exited the editor and rebuilt in your code editor, and possibly maybe need to delete binaries and intermediate folders as well if the rebuild doesn’t work.

Give that a try to start with.

I’m not using Livecoding at all. I’m building compiling the whole project from Rider. In fact if you used Live Coding you would not see this issue.

Unless you disabled live coding in the editor settings on the Unreal Engine, even building with Rider is using live coding behind the scenes. It’s the process used to build, not the tool that triggers it.

There’s a video in the CryptRaider section of the course explaining how to switch it off completely. Give that a try and see if it makes a difference.

No I already mentioned that the solution is to reconnect the BB_EnemyAI to BT_EnemyAI and manually saveAll. Its a one time thing once you’ve done it everything is fixed.

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