Crash in 4.18

I’ve got myself stuck on this lecture using engine version 4.18.2.

I tracked down the problem to two areas. Firstly when declaring the Barrel StaticMeshComponent in TankAimingComponent.h:

UStaticMeshComponent* Barrel = nullptr;

Adding this causes the engine to crash with no feedback. I initially thought this might be because i needed to include the Compoents/StaticMeshComponent.h header, which i did with no success. Removing the assignment to nullptr allows the engine to load.

However, after doing this, the engine still crashes when i click play at the point of setting Barrel=BarrelToSet inside UTankAimingComponent::SetBarrelReference.

It seems to be an issue assigning to the Barrel property inside TankAimingComponent. Currently I’m lost for answers so any suggestions are welcome.

Issue is at this commit on my github:

as a work-around until I can work out what is going wrong with this, I have moved the Barrel reference into Tank.cpp and pass the BarrelLocation FVector to UTankAimingComponent::AimAt from ATank::AimAt.

At least then it doesnt crash and I can continue the course working on the aiming code from the TankAimComponent.


Two things appeared to solve this issue:

  1. Firstly, cleaning up using: Build -> Clean Solution, Build->Build in visual studio.
  2. Later on, Replacing UStaticMeshComponent with the custom UTankBarrel c++ component in the future video “140. BlueprintSpawnableComponent()”

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