Cover the Globe in Forest

I made these trees and then turned them into a little browser game for Global Game Jam 2023. The theme was Roots, so it fit just about perfectly! I couldn’t resist. I also freehand modeled a few little factory buildings in Blender too as well as a spinning planet inspired by all these lovely PBR texture globes. Give the game a look!

Click here:
Planet of the Plants



That’s pretty cool! Being able to make your own models and stuff for your game projects. Good stuff! Great job!


Thanks Zart! Yeah, that’s the idea. :grin: What have you been learning on this site?

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Hey no problem!
Oh my goodness, I think a better question would be what am I not learning on this site!! But mainly 3d and Game design haha. I really just want to learn the basics and understand the workflows. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, about the same for me. I’m jumping between several courses. Mainly focused on C#, Unity, and Blender at the moment. I took a peek at your work. Nice cyborg. :grinning:

WOW! Great!

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