Courses remove sharing our work?

I just noticed while doing a course that there is no longer a section to review other people’s work on that section or share our work that we did following along. Does this section plan to return to our courses, or is this no longer going to be a feature?

It was the feature that I really think made a difference and got me to continue using blender, it helped make my path stay true as I would’ve very likely not continued had I not been inspired by other classmates posts every chapter. It got me to join the forums and take the first steps to sharing my work. Hope to see it return, and if it is on its way back, then just noting that I really appreciate and miss it already! Did anyone else like this part of their courses?


To be honest, for me it has been a long time since I did a GameDev course, via the GameDev website itself. At that time I mainly used the GameDev offering on Udemy. What I experience is that the Show section is hardly used anymore. And reading your story, this could be the result of the new GameDev website approach.


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I did my first GameDev login on the new website. It looks really good, it works even better. Good logical structure.

And yes, you can ask a question. But I’m unsure if those questions will popup on this forum.

Also, if a question has been asked or answered it’s not easy to read it. You need to click on it. Scanning for bits and pieces is hard. And the font color is too dark.

For some of us, it will be harder to help and motivate people.


Hi Guys,

This is part of an on going discussion with the team and i have brought this up myself.
The forums are going to have work done to them in the future but what this will be and entail i do not have the information at this time.
The website is an on going process as well with lots of updates planned in the future and the current suggestion is to share your work in the Q&A there.
I will keep discussing these issues as they get raised with the team as its clear to me that the forums sharing is still something the community wants and for example the blender collab i feel needs to be better highlighted be it only if highlighted on the forums front page.

The forums will revert to community driven so the information for Q&A items will remain here but TA’s will no longer support it, This is something i also raised with the team as its not easy to find things at the moment unless you know how to use filtering links and the tags system.

The short answer is at the moment i don’t know an easy solution for this but it is something i am trying to work with the team to find some sort of solution.

All the best


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