Course with broken hand - rocket game in comments

My right arm is broken, so I’m not working, and try to make this course. It is hard to navigate in 3D and write with one hand, but I searched for colors.

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Ok, I’m temporary left handed, but I know some about 3D modelling. So in Lecture49 I’ve made my Rocket Drone in SketchUp.
Its a drone because it’s more popular nowadays, but with rockets, because there aren’t any atmosphere in this planet.

First I was scared about the environment only from cubes Challange, but it was pretty fun.

And the game itself:

I made this game as family friendly as I can. I have a 4 year old son, he was my tester about controls and level of scarying.
There are four hardness level, it rises every time, the game restarts.
It has controller support.