Course Request: Mini Runescape like game using Godot with 3D

The idea would be to have a wholistic course that walked through the process of creating the classic Runescape like point and click movement camera controls, basic inventory system, object interaction, skill system, quest system etc. There is a lot to all of these parts but I think implementing base classes for some of these things is enough to get the whole concept and build upon that.

It would be really awesome if some multiplayer aspects could be included as well.

A lot of people have suggested Godot, however I doubt that this will happen because it seems GDTV has already committed to Unity and Unreal for the coding side of things, those are big reasons why people come to this platform. Who knows though, maybe we’ll get one of these courses here.

They released a Godot course very recently. I don’t know if you’ve seen that. - Godot

Hopefully there will be some traction behind it.

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Oh so maybe GDTV listened to the other person who said something similar, or they were thinking of Godot before, because they released this, I’m confident that there will be more, was this a recent course? Im surprised I didn’t see it.

Low key off-topic but I really wish they would make a Unigine course.

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Honestly any course could help build the community and what you’re suggesting sounds pretty good because it has familiar programming languages, and involves art(what I’ve seen), so it could be right up gamedev tvs alley.

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