Course Recap & Future Section Ideas

Hey guys!

I just wrapped up the Crystal Cavern section today. Well done Gavin! I’ve really enjoyed the material in this course so far and I think having a separate course dedicated to Blueprint was a great idea. As a programmer at heart, I was a bit critial of Blueprint at first because I didn’t fully understand its capabilities and I found example blueprints to be confusing and messy. Your focus on encapsulation is spot on and it’s great to see the idea being encouraged at a early stage.

I imagine you probably have the content for the next sections planned out already, but I wanted to throw out an idea anyway. There really aren’t many good tutorials out there on building a Tower Defense game in UE4. The example project that ships with UE4 contains a little bit of documentation, but it isn’t exactly beginner friendly and not really a tutorial in the traditional sense. There’s also TD tutorial on YouTube that isn’t bad but it lacks polish & community support. As such, I think it would be great to see a professionally produced series on the topic from the team. There are a lot of gameplay & UI mechanics in TD games that I feel would be a good fit for a course focused on Blueprint.

Anyway, just wanted to pitch the idea. I’m sure whatever you guys release next is going to be fantastic.



I second this! I would love a Tower Defense Game!

Thanks @SteveMerritt!
Really happy to hear you found some value in the course. Yes as we all know and have seen, it’s very easy for blueprints to get messy so we tackle it pretty early!

I still haven’t got section 3 prototyped out yet, I’ll be doing that soon… but a tower defence game is on the cards. We haven’t introduced characters yet so the main focus of the section will be working with them, while diving deeper into blueprints. All the good stuff like: structs, interfaces, data tables etc!

I have another game idea I wanted to explore too. A survival based game with needs/loot, kind of DayZ inspired!

I think the tower defence and survival based game are the main games I’ll be exploring. You’ll certainly see posts of my results when I have something to show!

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Awesome! Thanks for the update @GavinMilroy - looking forward to the new content!

There’s still more I want to do with CC in the meantime. :slight_smile:

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Great! It would be awesome to see the result of your crystal cavern. It’s exciting to imagine where it could be taken!

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