Course is tough to follow when you have chosen a (slightly) higher 5.x engine

Following along with “Unreal Engine 5 Blueprints: First Person Shooter (FPS)” I noticed starting from the renamed “World Outliner” to “Outliner” that quite a few things don’t look the same in the interface and plenty of menu items are organized differently which makes following the examples not that straightforward. I think - as a NOOB - I would have appreciated a strict warning that using a UE version higher than the one the instructor is using in the video is not recommended.

I am also wondering if experienced UE developers dread new versions of the engine where many items are once again renamed and/or reshuffled.

At this point I’m considering to just install the older UE version to avoid the hassle of figuring out what and where is what in the course but I am surprised how seriously different the GUI of the respective UE versions are (that there is a substantial difference between 4.x and 5.x now that I can understand!).

Sidenote: I just found out that the CTRL+L directionality feature in the context of lights need to be continued to be pressed down for it not to disappear after 2 seconds…


better than my thought process i kept doing CTRL + L Mouse Button

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When it comes to the Blueprint FPS course, I should point out that the course itself uses the Early Access #2 (EA2) version of UE 5. So if you want to get the closest version you would want UE 5.0.3.

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