Course Idea: Trading Card Game in Unreal

I would like to request an unreal course on how to make our own trading card game. Perferably based off of the card game Yu-gi-oh. I suggest Yu-gi-oh because most tutorials I’ve seen (Only for unity, I have found none for unreal) based theirs off magic the gather/ heart stone. YU-GI-OH is a bit more complex and learning how to make that will teach you how to make the others.

The tutorial should aim to teach the following using a comniation of c++ and blueprints:

  • Crad Desgin

  • Creating variety of abilities for your cards

*Creating a card shop to purchase new cards, aswell as how to set up in game purchases

  • Creating a trading bazaar where players can trade/sell with other players

  • Creating an inventory systems to houses cards not in the player deck.

  • Creating an AI for the player to play with