Course Idea (Open space, multiplayer, Elite Dangerous, platform)

I have some ideas for a new course (all ideas are based on developing a simple game/s, which helps to create a bigger project) . I would appreciate if the game uses Unreal Engine 4

  1. open space: so the playing space is not limited to an area, building or smth like that. Is it possible to make a game with a playing area like the Moon or Earth surface(or simplify, the playing area is a ball with 100km diameter)? How to implement the graphic which is loaded dynamically without a ‘loading level’ screen.
  2. How to create a client - server multiplayer game, where all necessary calculations are done at the server side, for instance the bullet trajectory, hit or miss target, but graphic is calculated on the client side.
  3. How to create a game like Elite Dangerous, where you have planets but there are a lot of free space. How to create Math, to calculate everything in seconds, not lifetime.
  4. How to create a platform which you can use between different games, to speed up the development process
  5. How to create a game, which is so interesting that millions of people will play :slight_smile:

Example content:

  1. Create a simple game with an open space with a ball of 1 km diameter
    a. simple open world creation
    b. Simple walking AI players creation with simple AI of behaviour
    c. Simple walking player creation
    d. Simple interactions between AI and player
    e. How to implement that kind of environment without a loading screen
  2. Create a simple Multiplayer for that game
    a. simple online multiplayer with main calculations on server side
    b. simple client with graphic calculation on the client side
  3. Create a simple game with a simplified Solar System as the game space.
    a. creation simple AI bots, which can fly between planets
    b. creation a player with the same possibilities to fly between planets.
  4. Creation a platform which can be used to simplify the development of different games.

Well it seems that it is a plan for 2-3 courses and the multiplayer course is going to be implemented soon.

Unreal Engine 4, c++


Great Idea, I would love for these guys to do a course on multiplayer networking etc. in Unity as well. It would be a great thing to learn about!

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