Course Idea: Music Making


Awesome idea. I would love to learn this, even if it’s not something I would do all the time. I think it’s important to at least understand as much of the process of each step, if only for communication between all involved.

Also a great idea for the solo indie dev, as I am right now, and I suspect many on this site are.

Looking forward to this becoming a course!

I’m part of Mike’s Blender course, and think he would be a great steward for this course as well.


A course about sound and music would be awesome. Especially how to fit them together and make them fit the scene, characters and atmosphere. I can always try to find something in the internet, but fitting and tweaking them to fit the game and make them the games own sound is really hard.


Something I have loved about these courses is that they work with free programs. LMMS is a free alternative to FL Studio that might be worth considering if this course takes flight :slight_smile:


FMOD and the Unity plugin