Course Idea: Multiplayer RPG

Hello again!

I was playing State of Decay 2 with my buddies and thought it would be really cool to learn how to make my own RPG where you can either be playing the game as a single player game or turn on multiplayer option while in-game and allow friends to join you.

While I have looked at various methods for multiplayer, networking is a concept that confuses me even with the different terminology. For example, I get confused on the difference between networking concepts(and by concepts I mean the coding aspect) you need to make a online FPS game where you have everyone get into a lobby and then load into a game versus being able to play a game and then host your friends connecting you you.

I am having trouble understanding the difference, as far as the coding involved, between having a server hosted game(Think Ark) and a local hosted(State of Decay 2). While I understand one is a persistent world hosted on a server and everyone logs into that server versus one is a game world only available as long as the host is online, I am not sure how you go about setting up each type and would love to learn the different type of setups you can use.

I do apologize if that sounds confusing. I confused myself trying to explain what I don’t understand. In the end I just accepted networking is hard but I still want to learn haha

Apologies for bumping my own thread, but I saw the @CodeMonkey youtube video today about the Unity Official Multiplayer finally being here. Netcode for Gameobjects.

I thought perhaps this was perfect timing to put out a tutorial on the subject and tie in being able to have both a single player and multiplayer game where you have the option to host friends or play alone similar to State of Decay 2.

Thanks again! Hopefully others are interested in this subject as well!

@Noveltease I love it. I think this is a fabulous idea. would be great to have a multiplayer RPG course!

Agreed. This is my ultimate aim in Unity: a multiplayer rpg that can be run by either a GM or AI.

I think I’m going to take a crack at merging Code Monkey’s turn based course with his recent YouTube video on NetCode.