Course Idea: Godot 3D RPG

As the popularity and interest in Godot continue to grow, it would be fantastic to see the development of a 3D RPG course, similar to the Unity 3D RPG course series. This course (or courses) should encompass fundamental topics such as movement and combat, while also delving into advanced areas like inventory management, quest systems, and exploring additional features like companion AIs and crafting professions.

Been a while since you posted, welcome back!

While I think this could be a good idea, I don’t think there is a big enough demand for a gdtv unity type RPG game tutorial. I think a smaller RPG like the newer unity RPG course would be a good fit for Godot. Not sure a 4 part tutorial for Godot would be something of thought. Regardless of that though, I love the idea of a Godot RPG, just not of the scale of the 4 part unity one. Just my opinion.


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