[Course Idea] Create a 2.5D platform game with collaboration

Hi Ben and Community,

I do enjoy your Unity Courses a lot. Here is how I think how to make the experience better for the student. I think that an introduction to develop a 2.5D (or 2D) Platform Game (Like Mario, Half-Genie…) with Unity will draw some attention of the student and the ability to work in a group using Commit, Pull with Bitbucket or Github. The reason I suggest this is because:

  1. Most people come to Unity is looking for learning Unity in a specific type a game in their mind and 2.5D Game is kinda a trend right now
  2. Developer isn’t likely to work only in one machine or alone, so the idea to help them to keep the code online for push and pull to develop everywhere is one of the attention.

As for the game itself, I do think the game will cover the basic like this:

  1. The character movement through the Map
  2. Special Action: Jump, Shoot, Slash
  3. How Camera Works (Follow player, shake when lose, fast pace action)
  4. Enemy and bosses
  5. Transit between Stage

Since I am also passionate about the 2.5D and Platform Game, in case you feel interest, I am more than happy to provide you my assistance in providing a sample skeleton (or game design document) for a 2.5D platform game that I hope can be used as a based for your tutorial.

Once again, thank you for your course in Unity in Udemy Ben, it has help me a lot :slight_smile:

Thanks and best regards,

Steiner Doan

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