Course Goals

VR goals: I’d like to make a complete game that I could share with friends. Eventually, I’d like to make a game that I could sell. I’m also interested in arc vis/mixed reality. I think it would be cool to build a replica of my basement in VR and see if I could make it all match up.

Plan: Use the Seinfeld Strategy to complete at least one lecture per day. If it’s May 9 today, I will finish the course by August 9.

Side project: None currently, but I will start something alongside the course and reimplement my learnings whenever it makes sense to do so. Maybe I’ll do the arc vis thing I mentioned.

Platform: Quest 2

Looking forward: To showing my wife something cool.

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Hi Darren.
Sorry for the lateness of the reply. How’s the course coming on.

I myself use the HP Windows Mixed Reality headset so am curious on your thoughts of the Quest 2 with this course as I may upgrade at some point in the future.

Anyway, welcome to the course and if you need any help, post your questions against the lecture.

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