Course finished - Ogre / Orc rigged, rendered, exported

Hi Guys and Girls,
I feel a lot of accomplishment completing this course…

Lots more to learn and improve on, but I feel I could go over all steps involved in greater detail but in shorter time …
I felt like I enjoyed the technical aspects (retopo , shader maps) more (speaks to who I am I guess) ,but surprised myself with some of the artistic stuff as well (the sculpt came out much better than I would have imagined!)

A real milestone though, thanks Grant and the team:

  1. Blocking and Sculpting

  1. Retopo

  2. texturing (unwrapping, painting, textures / shader

  1. Rigging, animation and export (to Gadot in my case)


A walkthrough of the whole process!
Ready to build games, I would say.

Have fun, make your own animation …

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