Countable Blocks in 2D Unity Course problem

Hey guys, I’m stuck on lecture 65 in the 2D Unity Course. I’m trying to run the CountableBlocks() method to count my blocks for the block breaker game but it doesn’t seem to run and i cant seem to see any differences with my code to ricks. I have added a Debug.Log() onto my method and it seems it isn’t being called at all. Could anyone give me a hand? I’ve tried to figure it out myself for two days but I’m eager to keep learning now! I’ve uploaded some pictures.

After a bit of searching, I see you have a syntax error in your Block Script.
I believe if you capitalize “Start” you should find the problem goes away.

OH MY GOD! i’ve wasted two days… thanks so much but now i feel like a total idiot!

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It’s only a waste if it wasn’t broke to begin with :slight_smile:

ON the plus side, its made me examine all my code much, so not all wasted i suppose :smiley:

The key to becoming successful is learning to fail quicker and more often. Every failure brings you one step closer to a success. I swear that it is a lesson like this, that never goes away, you will remember this and never make this mistake again. I know I have done things like this and now I catch them much quicker, only because I did exactly what you did (LOL).

It is part of the journey. You have taken your first steps towards being a master programmer.

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