“Could not be compiled. Try rebuilding from source manually.”

Hello everyone!

I’ve looked for questions about this error here in the community and found this topic. But that topic is about BattleTank project and I had error with “Bulls and Cows”, and any solutions from there did not help me.

I’ve found the problem just intuitively. The reason was that I’ve renamed the directory with the project. And when I restored the initial name the problem had gone.

Hope this will help somebody :grinning:

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Thank you for posting this!

Thanks for posting. This helped me solve my issue where I had renamed my project folder to 02_BullCowGame-starter-kit. The 02_ then ends up in a bunch of #defines in the *.generated.h files


#define 02_BullCowGame_starter_kit_Source_BullCowGame_Console_Cartridge_h_13_SPARSE_DATA
#define 02_BullCowGame_starter_kit_Source_BullCowGame_Console_Cartridge_h_13_RPC_WRAPPERS
#define 02_BullCowGame_starter_kit_Source_BullCowGame_Console_Cartridge_h_13_RPC_WRAPPERS_NO_PURE_DECLS
#define 02_BullCowGame_starter_kit_Source_BullCowGame_Console_Cartridge_h_13_INCLASS_NO_PURE_DECLS \

This fails because C++ identifiers must start with a letter.