Could not be compiled. try rebuilding from source manually failure

Hello everyone.I am Egemen and I bought UnrealEngine course from Udemy 1 months ago.In the 79th lecture,I have a “could not be compiled. try rebuilding from source manually”
failure.In the begin of this section,I wasnt able to open first person game but I solved it.When I have tried live coding in the 3.22 in this lesson,the oıtput log showed a build fail.After that,I turned off the settings of live coding,which is in the Editor Preferences,and I restarted the UnrealEngine5.Then,this failture appeared.

Are you trying to build the BattleTank project you got from Git(Hub|Lab)? That was made in 4.15 (I think) so will have compilation errors due to version differences that you will need to fix.

For example RelativeRotation is a private member in later versions so would need to use GetRelativeRotation() for this line

My sir,I have this failure in the Crypt Raider Game.

by the way in the visual code studio of CryptRaider,there is a lot of failure.

Please show the result of compilation. IntelliSense errors can be unreliable in Unreal.

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