Cost analysis and review of college and university

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Thank you for you hard work, I prefer GameDevTv. Where were you in 2000? Cost analysis and review of college and university.

College/University Pros:
1). When you put money into a venture you seem more dedicated and professional. People generally start to take you more seriously.

2). Some classes and teachers are great, occasionally at the same time.

3). They will hold you accountable like an adult child.

4). IF (you graduate) THEN (you receive a degree).

5). A degree is a piece of paper which is really fancy.

6). The right to rap about the experience.

College/University Cons:
1). IF (NOT you graduate) THEN (you receive a loss of esteem, money, reputation, and time).

2). The books are beyond expensive compared to any normal books or their previous editions.

3). You usually attend class PHYSICALLY, at the same place and time, even though we have THE INTERNET. If it was recorded, then you watched it online, you would still get bad marks for attendance.

4). There is no guarantee for this product like most on the market. For instance, when you walk into a pizza shop and order a pizza, you’re more than likely to get what you wanted, get it replaced, or get your money back. No one will think bad of you IF (the service was bad) THEN (you complained). You walk into college/university with full knowledge that most of your family and friends haven’t graduated AND got a decent job. The ones that got the job, are miserable 50% of the time. If you complain about it, you’re a big baby, or you should be grateful, or you gave up a dream. Let’s do some math…

A hard STEM {Science, technology, engineering, math} degree has 20% success rate to get into the major, a 20% success rate to finish with a BS, and 100% chance you won’t want to read anymore. If you complete an associates at a community college, I heard the odds to graduate go up. So…, 20% to maybe attempt to earn a decent degree…, 20% to earn it…, maybe you actually got a AA…, and 50%/50% your job market is what actually interests you or doesn’t slowly eat your soul. Those are HORRIBLE odds. The odds that I can get a decent veggie or meat lovers at a family owned pizza joint is nearly 100%. Books online, nearly 100%. Dial up modems experienced more success than a modern college or university.

  1. For $30,000 to $250,000 you can purchase quite a bit of raw land, real estate, and stocks.

  2. For a decade straight, the university HARASSES you with question about the quality of your experience and begs for donations. What successful business has to beg for donations and ask you about how their service was? It seems to indicate economic failure and a lack of self esteem.

Final Scores:
1975-85: College C+, University A+, Internet D- {Peak of American science and math scores compared to other countries. I believe we were 5th at the time. No great Internet yet, so there was a need for books, cassette tapes, and classes}

1985-1995: College B+, University A, Internet D+ {No great Internet yet, so there was a need for books, classes, and VHS tapes}

1995-2005: College A+, University A-, Internet C+ {Internet was accessible}

2005-2013: College B+, University B-, Internet B-

2013-2015: College B-, University C-, Internet B+ {This is when you could find any topic online in a few seconds}

2015-2020: College D+, University D-, Internet A-, A+ {How can they compete against Internet classes that are only $10-$100?}

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