Corrupted C++ File, followed by non compile able solution

: I hit a snag. So yesterday when I while working on Lecture 131, Unifying player and AI aim, something happened to my visual studio file that prevented me from compiliing in unreal. “Fatal Error, file corrupted”. No matter, I had been using version control after Every project. So I set it back 2 versions to lesson 129, where I know there was no issue by using a Reset in Source tree, hard so as to get rid of whatever I had done. I delete the necessary files outlined in Lecture 81 for resetting your project, and attempt to open up the unreal project. This is where the snag happens. It repopulates most of the folders, but ends with saying “Tankbattle could not be compiled. Try building from the source manually”. So that’s where I’m at currently. Technically the unreal rebuild didn’t give me a new VS solution to rebuild my css files. So i’m kind of stuck. I still have the old solution in my recycle bin, but googling didn’t give me any good answers, so i thought I could get help here.

Are you using SourceTree or another Source app? If so you just need to make sure VS and UE4 are closed, open up your project folder and first right click on the Uproject file. Then generate VS files. After that open up the Uproject file and select yes. If you still have issues after that, close unreal and then try generating the files and opening it again. Make sure you discard or force remove the uncommitted changes in your source.

Appreciate your reply. I’m using source tree, but I did try all those things you had suggested and still didn’t have any success. I actually ended up terminating that project entirely, which was sad. Still haven’t made it through this course to completion.

I am sorry to hear that. I got to this stage and had some LNK errors which i was never able to resolve, so i went back a few videos in my commits to see if i can find where i messed up. How far are you in the course now?

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