CoreMinimal.h file not found

I’m on a Mac using Xcode, and it won’t complete anything I type because there is an error on the line…

#include "CoreMinimal.h"

That says,

‘CoreMinimal.h’ file not found

What can I do?

idk actually, maybe trying #include “EngineMinimal.h” or “Engine.h”?

I think people have posted a number of solutions regarding what is needed for includes in version 4.15 and 4.16 of unreal, so try looking through other post i guess :stuck_out_tongue: I think i’ve seeen some.

DanM is usually active on the Q&A between 9 AM and 4 PM over there in england. - but on these forums you need to tag him with the @ symbol.

its also possible it needs an additional folder to find CoreMinimal.h . but dont have unreal on hand atm/ havnt been to this course in ages. You can search through the source code libraries though in visual studio

It will still work, but you have to use compile in the editor instead of xcode. xcode is absolutely abysmal at C++ and I’m baffled they didnt integrate eclipse instead.

edit: This is feindish. It completely breaks codecomplete and the like. I’ve tried adding in the header search path to the xcode setup, but it still doesnt find it. :confused:

In case this pops up again, once you save the .h file with the include at the top, pop back into Unreal and select:
File->Refresh Visual Studio Code Project
No more error.


yea man! works! thanks

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This worked for me too. Thank you.