Converting button to interactable? What does it even mean?

What does converting button to interactable mean? Isn’t the UI button interactable? We were able to press it and change color previously, so it was interacting. But what does converting button to interactable mean? Thanks.

In the case of the VR Course, an interactable is something that can be interacted with using VR controllers. I understand the confusion here but clicking on the button with a mouse isn’t the same. The Buttons are not interactable as default which is why they have to be converted and adding in specific VR functionality.

We added XR Simple Interactable component to the button previously and it had become interactable and could interact with VR controllers. So what is a separate interactable? I tried searching proper difference between these two on the internet but there seems to be no answer.

You won’t really find anything. Oneractable is something Unity came up with as part of the xr toolkit you installed earlier on. What he means by a separate control is rather than using a simple intractable, create something specific for the button.

And for the button image, we could also use 3D object?

No, you couldn’t. It is a UI element. If you wanted to make a button based on a 3d object, you would do it differently.

So the image here means any JPG image? Why are we adding an image to button when creating an interactable?
We didn’t add any image to button when using button UI previously, but here while creating button interactable, we are adding the UI gameobject named XRButton. How is a UI gameobject called an image?

The button as part of the UI controls can have an image instead of a text inside it.

This is something covered in the 2d and 3d courses.

I see. But in this video, the instructor is adding a UI gameobject named XRButton to its button IMAGE field. How is a UI gameobject called an image?

There is a number of UI GameObjects, and one of these is type Image which allows you to make backgrounds out of images on your UI.

see the following:
Unity - Manual: Unity UI (

Thank you. I checked that before but manual seems more confusing.

It can be. It is more of a reference than a how-to guide which is why there’s so many courses. Gam Development is tough and VR Development is tougher but they but share the same technologies and ideas.

Thank you so much

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