Control Rig and Alpha

I am sorry but I fail to understand what are you doing at the end of the lesson, when we changing the Alpha value of the Control rig in the AnimGraph.
I was able to do it, and crouching work without deforming the character, but I dont understand what is the Control Rig. It is nos explained in the lesson, and the official documentation is just useless :

Hello Nono,

To quickly summerize. Control Rig allows you to make custom gimzos to control a skeletal mesh for animations, its primary use is with film but it can also be used in games. The best part about control rig in a game development context is that it can enable you to create dynamic animations through code rather than pre-making them with 3D Animation software.

The alpha lets you set how much control you give Control Rig for animations, and sometimes these dynamtic animations can interfere with pre-made ones. So we adjust the alpha to 0 to not let control rig interfere.

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Thank you for the explanation.

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