Control Complications

Using Blender with a pen display has been a hurdle. Lots of issues with control and changing view while trying to model. Also having weird issues with dialog boxes not opening or displaying properly in Blender, but only while it is open on the graphics display! (I have support tickets open with Blender and HUION regarding some strange phenomena)

Sorry! My bust is ending-up a little different than everyone else’s, it seems. I’m just using the quick doodle I did during the first lecture as a reference. Certainly a big learning curve on how to do this! Getting closer, though!


you’ll get the hang of it the more you do. also, you don’t really need tablet to sculpt. mouse/ touchpad can produce excellent results too. happy sculpting!


You may well get used to a pen and tablet. I never use one, a mouse is just so familiar and native they feel odd. I think they are more used by those with old pencil and paper drawing skills so pen use is more ingrained. Frankly I barely write, or draw, by hand at all these days. I can see hand pen use dying out some time.

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