Console errors relating to Text Mesh Pro

After importing the Pre Course Package I had a number of errors related to Text Mesh Pro, something to do with converting Vector4[] to Vector2[]

If you experience similar, re-import both Text Mesh Pro Essential and Examples & Extras and the errors should be fixed.


Wauw, this worked. Just did not realized that in 2023.2.7f1 the TextMeshPro is no longer in the package manager :slight_smile:
It is now just part of Unity :rofl:


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Hi, I had the same problem with Unity 2023.2.20f and couldn’t understand what you meant by re-importing TextMeshPro.

So for slower people like me, the solution is:

  1. Delete the TextMeshPro folder from the Assets folder.
  2. Restart the project (might not be needed but I like to be sure).
  3. Go to Window → TextMeshPro → Import TMP Essential Resources
  4. Go to Window → TextMeshPro → Import TMP Examples and Extras

Now the project seems to be working as on the video.

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