Confusing Jargon Salad

I’m sorry, I have to say something at this point… Every few chapters this instructor assaults the student with a wall of empty jargon that doesn’t really serve as instruction. In place of metaphor, simile, or explanation of the tools at hand, we get a word-salad overtop a scroll through Unreal’s (objectively awful) documentation.

The chapters in this section are twice as long as those found earlier in the UE5 c++ course – and I haven’t minded it, for the most part. The pace works for the sake of following along. But every X’th chapter or so, the additional length is just the instructor saying the same thing, two or three times. And I don’t mean saying the same thing, but in multiple different ways that help to explain the subject matter from multiple perspectives. I mean, the same exact sentence is spoken several times, IN PLACE OF explaining the subject matter.

As I’m finally saying it: The chapter on Forward Declaration might as well have been written by throwing a glossary of Object Oriented Programming terms into a blender and hitting ‘PUREE.’ Same for the TSubclassOf bit. I had to get my understanding of that one from Google while I waited out compile times, because for all its verbosity, the jargon-wall in that chapter was only vaguely insinuative of what was going on, or why.

Just so its been said: I’ve been coding since 1992. I’m not the dullard getting left behind for lack of fundamentals, here. Some of what’s been explained poorly, is not even new to me. I don’t need the explanation. But I’m still left reeling by the “UClass type exposed from the sub-class of the Parents class type that we cast to the type so the Blueprint function’s type will restrict to the class type subtype type cast class cast subclass type-type ReFLEcTIoN SySTeM.”

And all this comes well before I can bother shrieking into the abyss, “Why!? Why Unreal, would you do this to code! Did the code hurt you, Unreal? Is that why UPROPERTY takes a list of properties, that includes a ‘meta’ property, containing a nested list of properties!?!.. whose boolean properties are represented AS TEXT??? BUT WITHOUT YOUR TEXT() WRAP!!! AHHHHhhhhhHHHHHH!!!11!!!1!”

…Might’ve digressed there. Anyway, yeah.
Uh. Bit of word-salad in the course… Work on that.


I do feel your pain somewhat and as a side note, I’ve been coding since around 1993, hooray for the old guys! Is your issue more C++ related than Unreal? I haven’t touched C++ since my 2nd year of college, it’s changed a lot. For me, I typically gloss over detail that I don’t understand (and there is a lot) to focus on the larger goal. Once I do something more than once, I can let my attention meander to the details that I ignored earlier - i.e. terms and language nuance. The thing I like about video-learning is I can rewind multiple times to review. Anyhow, best of luck.

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