i got it to give a response based on my input but i did it in a different way than Ben is it okay or should i use Ben’s method

Hi Akindeji,

Well done, as you say, you got it working based on the input, which is a fantastic start.

The next step I would suggest would be to look at your code and then see if there are places where you can streamline it. For example, if you look at your if statements, on three occasions you are asking “are we on the password screen?” Once this has been proven true, all you need to do is check the level. So, whilst you have a working solution, which is great, see if you can find ways to refactor your code so that you don’t repeat yourself.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


thanks that helps but i wanted to know wether to do it the way he did it in the course ir leave it like this

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You’re very welcome.

If you want to follow along exactly, then perhaps alter your code to match Ben’s. You could perhaps just comment your code out so that you still have it as a reference.

thank you again i cant believe you replied so fast

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I’m like the Flash :slight_smile:

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