A couple of lessons ago, when we first tried to import our lamp into Unity and Unreal, Mike ran into a problem. In the next lesson, there was no mention of the problem, but we were using Vertex Groups and cleaning up outline view to fix the problem. I don’t understand what was going on with the vertex groups, or why we subsequently had to re-rig the model. Why did we need these steps to successfully export?

Thanks for any help.


Hi Larry,

I believe this is down to the way it imports into game engines as the rigging is slightly different from the way it was originally made.
Also view a messy outline it all transfers over into unity. The importance in the lesson is that sometimes you may need to edit your model to correctly export it it out to a game engine.
Everything had to be reassigned and sorted after the re-rig.
Its been a while since i did the section but i hope this answers the question.

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