Confused with Quiz 8: Block Breaker # 4 question

The very first question asks:

It says the CORRECT answer is #3. But double checking my code and the code on github, in the Level.cs script it’s written out as:

Why would any of those be correct if it’s written differently within the actual Level.cs scripts? What am I missing?

The third item in the answer list matches line 15 in the source code file.

Thanks Jamie_Sandell for the quick reply. But looking at the Level.cs file within the assets/scripts folder on git, it’s exactly the same.

The 2nd pic above is taken from that script file.

The only noticeable difference between line 15 in your picture and answer #3 is that “sceneLoader” is written as “sceneloader” in the code itself. This isn’t going to affect the functionality of the code in this case, as on line 11 you declare the variable and it has the same name on line 15. Basically, answer #3 is identical to line 15 in testing.
Hope that helps!

Ahhh. That makes a bit more sense. Thank you for clearing that up.

No problem :slight_smile:

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