Concept - Health Affordance

Feeling a little obligated since the lessons at this point are through health to actually do something with it other than just have it fairly static where a hit is a kill across the board. Been putting it off for a few days while I decided on how best to implement the affordance.

Forgiving the extremely crude drawing and the color of the pen tool, what does everyone think about something like this? I just know it’s going to be like everything else, off lesson, I’ve tried to do that I didn’t think would take too long, Pandora’s Box. Hours of my life trawling through Unity docs and SE trying to figure out what I’m missing, and I’d really like to know if anyone would actually appreciate such a thing before I dive in this time.


I think I see what you’re getting at. It’s cool to have some sort of quick visual stat affordance in a fast paced game like this. Are you thinking of a small GameObject attached as a child to the Player, or more of a HUD?

I like it. Try it out, it will be fun. :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to respond. Thinking player customisable HUD. Just offer quick information at a glance so the player isn’t constantly looking away from their ship to check information they may need. The project has grown into something of a massive undertaking at this point. Less so working on how to make a non-intrusive HUD, which, if you’re still somewhat new to unity, is it’s own adventure to do from scratch I’ve learned, and more the ‘why is this like this’ thinking I’ve been doing after reading through some replies to other projects in the community. I’ve been kind of soldiering on to this point without a clear vision of the end result, and now that all the base combat systems are functional, that’s becoming more and more obvious.

We’ll see where this goes, maybe nowhere and I’ll just end up polishing a mindless time-sink. I like those well enough, but I’m wanting something more at this particular moment. For the next week or so, I have very limited access to a computer and it’s giving me a lot of time to think about design. Fingers crossed I can deliver something with a little vision behind it when I come out the other side.

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