Computer-less exercise


I am looking for some set of exercises/problems/routines relevant to C++, C#, UE4, etc. that could be done without a PC. Or maybe flash cards?
Every day I have two to five hours of “free” time at work, sadly my work PC is just a dodgy Citrix terminal and cannot be used for any coding, internet on it is very slow.

Any ideas?

I’ve seen a lot of great apps on Android (Haven’t checked iOS) that help with tutorials or that give examples for you to find the solution for. From what I remember, some of them can be done offline as well. Another option is to purchase or download books to practice with.

I have a notebook that I keep with me at all times and I write and re-write code that I want to use for any number of things. By the time I sit down to type it out, there’s very little debugging that needs to be done. It’s good practice too, even if I’m just re-writing it so my handwriting looks better. Half the time I’ll find a bit where I’m like, “Wait, that absolutely won’t work because (insert obvious thing I overlooked).”

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