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Is it beneficial to be learning about binding to parameterised timer delegates at this point in the learning process?

It feels like alot of work for a small piece of functionality?

This is the countdown timer for the game start, right?

It’s a good way through the course so I don’t think it is an overly complex thing to learn at this point.

What are your thoughts on where we should be at this point in the course?

I only ask because of curiosity. Unreal is a massive tool and I know this course barely scratches the surface. There’s so much to learn. I’ve been using it for about 6 years now and still find new and exciting features.

My feeling is that most people doing the course will be new to everything and coming after Sam’s section it feels like a noticable step up in complexity and there seems to be this wall in this section of the course where more intermediate developer concepts are just thrown into the mix. I would imagine you have high drop off rates on these longer sections which cover a lot of intermediate developer topics but yield little in actual functional gameplay results.

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I can’t say really, but generally we find most people follow through. I get what you are saying though and Unreal is really tough compared to Unity. It took me a long time to make the transition and yes, it is hard but my advice is stick with it.

I feel myself having seen the original toon tanks that it is a big improvement over the original version but again I’ve been using unreal for a while and am a well seasoned C++ developer so it is hard for me to judge.

There are different ways to do the timer. I even did this using just a sequencer with events - that was fun.

If you do get stuck, post here, ask questions. These intermediate topics unfortunately are also a necessary evil in game development. Please stick with it. It’s so much fun.

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