Completing the VS Code setup

When I listened to the lecture on setting up VS Code for Godot, I noticed it doesn’t seem to actually allow you to automatically open a particular file when clicking on the script icon when one is attached to the node, or at least I didn’t see the completed steps in the video, so thought I’d provide them here.

When you go to the Editor -> Editor Settings, go to Text Editor -> External. This is where Use External Editor is, as mentioned in the lecture. To complete the process, though, it’s best to, in the Exec Path, put the path to your VS Code’s bin/code.cmd path. For instance, mine is E:/Microsoft VS Code/bin/code.cmd. Then, in the Exec Flags, put the following, without quotes: “-g {file}:{line}”

Technically you don’t need the {line}, but I suppose there may be some specific places where that’s useful that I’m not thinking, and it doesn’t break anything.


Thanks for sharing this Kyle, I’ll edit this into the video.

Even better “Exec Flags” are {project} --goto {file}:{line}:{col} as they open the full project folder. Thanks to Jenny over in the course Q&A.

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