Completed Brick Breaker Tutorial

Posted my prototype on Learned a lot about the engine and have started the laser defender project.

Auto-play is available by pressing the A key. Images are old glamour shots of my wife. Inserted them as a piece meal for staying up late to finish project :smiley:

I tried to play your game earlier but I couldn’t get it to full screen meaning I couldn’t hit the ball when they went near the edge

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Thanks for letting me know. It is fixed to 800x600 pixels with the paddle:
paddlePosition.x = Mathf.Clamp(mousePositionInBlocks, minX, maxX);
Where minX is 0.5f and maxX is 15.5f. I am uncertain if this clamp is what is causing the issue you described.

I did add the ability to toggle full screen from the website and lowered the top wall box.

Yeah I had the same issue. I think its the clamp setting you have on that is preventing us from getting near the edge.

I don’t think the clamp is the issue.

When you click on your link does the game work as you expected? I clicked on your link and I unable to select the full screen nor am I able to move the paddle to the edge of the screen.

I had a problem when I uploaded my game and I couldn’t get my paddle to the edge, so I simply increased my video embedded options. Even though my game is 800x600 I increased the embed options dimensions to 100 width and 800 height

Great point Murray. I increased the size of the embedded player and can see all the unity web gl options I didn’t even know were there.

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Nice job! It played fine on my surface. Even used my pin.

Good job.

Good job :slight_smile:

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