Complete Unity Developer 2.0 Now LIVE

The long-awaited sequel to our Complete Unity Developer course is live NOW. New lectures added every week for the rest of the year.


I just started the Complete Unity Developer 1.0 course and then found about the 2.0 course. The differences between the two are not clear to me. Is it better for me to finish the 1.0 course and then move on to the 2.0 course (or to other, more advanced game dev courses) or to start with the 2.0 course?

Iā€™m an experienced software developer with no C# or game programming experience.


The Unity v2.0 course is an updated course, Unity v1.0 was the first course made by the team and so the teaching methods in the newer course will be improved but the subjects will remain the same. It will be in newer versions of unity but it will still remain beginner level course. It will still be worth the merit in getting as its different games so different ways of using the learning.


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