Complete Multiplayer and Networking Course for Unity

Complete multiplayer course for Unity 3D. This course would include individual sections on how to make LAN games and server based games. It would also teach how to make good networking code, how to convert a single-player game to a multiplayer game, some networking theory including best practices and etiquette, the Network Manager, matchmaking and debugging. Course should also cover making a co-operative game and a versus game. Basically it should cover everything to do with multiplayer in Unity.

This course would best suit students who want to make multiplayer games in our current world which is increasing the demand for fun multiplayer games. We would all agree that most triple-A game titles are multiplayer, whether that be co-operative or versus, such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Call of Duty and Battlefield. Even traditionally singleplayer studios such as Bethesda are looking into multiplayer games such as their upcoming Fallout 76. Thus it is important in the current time to learn multiplayer coding.

I really like this idea. Multiplayer adds another dimension of fun to most games.

I second this idea, a multiplayer course would really broaden the horizons of what a person/group could accomplish after completing the courses they’ve provided. However, I think the people who would benefit from it most would be people who already took their Unity 3D course. Otherwise it would get redundant if they covered the basics of Unity and programming when they have other courses that cover that. I think it would have to be marketed towards people with intermediate knowledge of Unity, or be added to the end(?) of Unity 3D/2D courses respectively.

Great idea. I would love to learn how to create multiplayer games.


The MP course is a fantastic supplement to the main UE4 course and I’ve no doubt the same would hold true for the Unity course. If there’s not enough material for an entire separate course then perhaps a bonus section could be added to one of the main Unity courses.

great idea my dream game i wanne buld 1 time is a multiplayer game sow this course will be great , ps: hard to find for unity multiplayer course

Would love to take this course!!!

Great idea. I’d Love to get it too…

This would be awesome!

I was hoping to find something like this. I’m currently working through the 3D Unity course and have bought the RPG course in anticipation. I would love to see a Unity multiplayer course produced by you, perhaps you could tie it into some of the other games we’ve created in previous courses?

We could have a couple of chapters learning about the processes and understand the basic implementation. Then we could work our way through a couple of implementations in the next chapters, perhaps using example projects from other courses: Project Boost, Realm Rush, Glitch Garden. How would we do those? What interesting opportunities and ideas does this produce? The RPG course would be the most popular example and I’d love to see that included.

Still early for me, I look forward to making my way through both the courses before I can suggest and flesh out ideas for future development.

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I’ll but the course this instant.

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Hope they consider this one.

I can’t find a good course/video tutorial on how to implement multiplayer on Unity.

Would love a course for this, Unity is going through a whole rewrite of the multiplayer space so there is definitely a bunch to learn, but they’re still working a whole bunch of stuff out.

+100 for this. This could be a great expansion of the RPG course.

How isn’t there one yet, i was searching for one and i thought that there must be such a course offered by gamedev

Cant say much more. +1

I’ve been searching for years. There really isn’t much information out there at all. This would be such a rare and valuable course.