[Complete] Messy Layout Challenge with a few tips

I locked the camera to view so I can use the normal panning you use when viewing your model to set the camera instead of changing each individual value in their respective coordinate boxes. I set indirect clamping for now at 1 to get rid of the “Fireflies” in the rendered image. The sampling doesn’t matter much, I’ll be changing that eventually but those are some good numbers to start with. I saved this as my start up file by going to File => Save Startup File or Ctr + U

It will help, but it is not the best solution. Follow the tips and trick, which Michael will explain to you in the course. It all depends on the type work you create with Blender.

Later on the course (Church) , you will learn, camera movement, with mouse and keyboard.

oh, hello pete. Didn’t realise i was gunna get personalized emails from the
website. thanks for the advice btw.

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