COMPLETE MESS QUEST: ‘Weird Movement’ - Solutions

Quest: Complete Mess Quest
Challenge: Weird Movement

Feel free to share your solutions, ideas, and creations below. If you get stuck, you can find some ideas here for completing this challenge.

Again having prefabs helped a lot here, and i’d some a bit of this work in the previous challenge. Was much easier once everything was consolidated, but i had forgot the “random” side of things.
For now i’ve just randomised the starting euler angler on the Z axis though they’re still swimming in circles for now. Something to expand upon later.

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Any one done

Also, make sure the no organism gets stretched in a way that looks too broken.

I stuggled a bit here and think I got some solution so they dont get too flat but I probably need to test it more.
Though I do wonder if I’ve overthought it and there is a simpler way.

my scaling involved adding a set amount that got added/subtracted from both the X,Y scale amounts. So it always grew/shrank in the same ratio.

That is simpler.
Do you stop it getting too big or too small?

I don’t think i did :stuck_out_tongue: but fairly straight forward to put in an cap i suppose. :slight_smile:

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