Complete Godot 3D: Develop Your Own 3D Games Using Godot 4


I am having an issue with particles lesson. I checked the updates of the Lecture’s Project Changes link as well. Appears to be exactly the same. From what I can see, I typed the code correctly.

The version of Godot I am using is 4.2.1.

Just wondering have you declared the left and right particles with the other @onready variables at the top?

@onready var right_booster_particles: GPUParticles3D = $RightBoosterParticles
@onready var left_booster_particles: GPUParticles3D = $LeftBoosterParticles

I followed it according to the lecture.

I made the change.

Still has an error.


the error is letting us know that the variable its looking for hasnt been declared, which means that is hasnt been created.

looking at the the code when its trying to set the booster particles on lines 30,32 and 36,38
its looking for a declared variable called left_booster_particle and right_booster_particle.

but on lines 14 and 15 you have the following variables declared.
right_booster and left_booster.

these on lines 14 and 15 should be right_booster_particles and left_booster_particles instead, so it can use them in the screenshots you posted last.

hope that gets you back and working.


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HI Darren,

I was not able to get back on track.

I made the changes.

This is my first time ever using this software so maybe I am not understanding the basics. I think I am following the lecture methodically. But something is overlooked on my part.

No worries Toure, sorry that didn’t work.

There’s alot with godot to take in and it can sometimes be frustrating, but we’ll get it working.

If you can please, zip and upload your project and pop my name in it and I’ll get a look at it and see if I’ve missed something.


I think your issue is the naming of the particle variables.

You are defining them as right_booster but later in the code you are trying to call them right_booster_particles which does not exist.
You need to call them the same in both instances so that they know what they are using.

Hope this helps

Thank you Darren, I need the link again to upload zipped file.

It works now!

Thank you Marc!

Appreciate guys!

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