Complete Godot 3D - anything ever run on Android (or web)?

I am following the aforementioned course and wondering, will we ever be told how to run a game on Android or on a responsive web? Projects start one after another with WASD and mouse. The same pertains the Web. What is it worth to publish a course game not functioning in any mobile, either running the exported native app or the game’s web page? I am an Android dev, not a desktop dev. My first working instance is the one on the mobile.


i think for the most part, for an intro to the subject, the normal WASD approach, or keyboard mouse will be accessible to everyone to allow students on almost all learning platforms to get a game up and playing.

I’ve only delved into the android side briefly a while back with godot 3.1.
there are android and web/desktop build templates. but the control system for the games will have to be changed around to accomodate a touch interface.

but i would keep an eye out on any announcements, there may be things in the pipeline.

I have tried exporting to Android throughout many Godot versions, but couldn’t get the resulting APK to install successfully on my Phone or BlueStacks in my PC. Either the APK installation is refused, or the game launches but won’t execute. I have tried with debug and release keys, and the result was the same. I get no errors on the APK generation, but I am obviously missing something.

I created a bare bones 2d project a little while ago and just uploaded it to my github. Let me know if you have any issues with it. I am able to build the .apk using Godot 4.1.1, copy it to my Pixel 5 and run it just fine. It took me a while initially to get past an issue regarding the Target SDK, but I finally got it to work.

Here’s a link to the repo:
Mobile Test

Thanks, I will check it out! :slight_smile:

Do you know what Android version Godot 4.1.3 is targeting? My phone uses Android 13, and Blue Stacks uses 7. Which of those are compatible with Godot APKs?

I haven’t installed the Android template yet in Godot 4.1.3, but since it’s an incremental update from 4.1.1. the target sdk most likely hasn’t been updated yet and is the same which is 33 (Android 13). My Pixel 5 is on Android 14 and it works fine. As far as Blue Stacks goes I don’t know, I haven’t tried it.

Thank you for the feedback. I believe testing APKs is safer and more convenient to do in Blue Stacks than in my personal phone. That’s why I asked. Some game engines even have Android emulation built-in for testing purposes. I would rather only use virtual machines until testing is completed. :slight_smile:

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