Complete Godot 2D course

Hi there
I’m doing the “Godot complete 2D course” and I’m stack on lecture 39. The trick of putting the rocket inside a Node without transform in order to detach the transform position of the rocket from the ship doesn’t work! I tried it couple of times and the editor is sending me an error message.
also even without the container when I tried to move the position of the node a bit farther from the ship it send me an error message, the root node of the rocket is an area2d. I tried to change the node to node2d but it didn’t work because in that case the rocket followed again the ship transform.

Problem solved!
I changed the root of the rocket node to be node2d and then access it directly after i put it in the empty node container and it worked!

cool that you got it working.

yep, worth bearing in mind that the white ‘Node’ type, doesnt have any transform and is the base most minimal type of node that all others inherit fro, so it wont have any of the usual .position variables or methods that the node2d type has.

good that you had a play around and got a solution that allows you to carry on , nice one :+1:


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