Complete final Rabbit scene, feed back please!

So i’m finally finished! woo, my pc is old so it takes a lot to get anything done.
in the final render i did leave some things out or had to change things because of my pc power.
the hedge settings got messed up some how and i didnt notice till it was too late, there would have been more grass but pc couldn’t take it, no textures on the ground or tree for time sake. The rabbit also is more a stuffed toy style.

So with that said id love your criticism good or bad. the image is a 1920 x 1080 at 100% and 1000 samples, took 54 hours to finish.



added a little more detail and variation the to hedge what do ya think?

Please give feed back on it thanks. @Michael_Bridges


Hi, you really created the scene as in your concept drawing!
I like the diversity of the grass sizes. The whole scene gives the impression of free nature.
But the green hedge at the left, is somehow ‘domesticated’. It’s square, flat sides. It doesn’t fit in the composition.
A quick fix could be the ground color, matching the environment map.
But overall, a very nice ‘lazy’ looking scene! :wink:
Well done.

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Thanks @FedPete, yeah the hedge gave me trouble, and I forgot to add a ground texture.

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Hi White_Jackal,

I like what you have done here. Good job! Bunny looks detailed, there’s multiple objects that make the scene more interesting than just a plane and grass + bunny. The log looks good as such, same with the small bush.

I agree that the L -shaped bush do not work. It do not look like a natural phenomenon to me. You could try to use leaves on the shape as well? Dunno if it works since I don’t know the geometry of your base mesh. If you are modeling a nature scene, the bush could probably be more natural? If you are modeling a backyard scene with a domesticated bunny and hedge then the log looks little bit out of place :slight_smile:

All in all good job!

Cheers, Jax


Thanks for the feedback @Jax, Yeah the hedge is off. Other than the hedge though this is pretty much what Arizona looks like haha where I live.

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That is great! Well done for following at the way through! Looks like you enjoyed the journey too!

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Adorable and playful!
It’s great to see the original concept and how the scene turned out in the end - really good resemblance! Well done! :slight_smile:

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