Complete Blender Creator: Modular Dungeon Torch Fire

Hello!! In the Modular Dungeon section on “Creating the Torch” at 7:50 in the video. I add the cylinder for the fire and scale it down to fit the torch but when I go into edit mode to scale the top face it does not scale in the same way, instead scaling the entire cylinder. How can I fix this?

Very hard to get what the problem is in just words.

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It scales as a whole instead of just the selected face. It won’t make the cylinder a cone.

Hard to tell with the weird colouring but I think you have Proportional editing on. Probably with a big circle of influence.


That was it!! I had tried literally every alt-O variation for proportional editing but I didn’t try turning it off. Haha Thank you for your help!! :smiley:


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