I’m using visual studio code but am on the older videos because there isn’t the updated videos out yet. There are a few different things such as the quick action and the option to build that I don’t see in visual studio code. I have been able to follow along somewhat but now i cant get my files to compile and i don’t see a build option. I’m trying to do the cl main.cpp FBullCowGame.cpp FBullCowGame.h /EHsc. Is there a different way I should be doing this?

Personally, I find it too much of a pain in the butt with VSC as something like that should work without doing something (anything) additional - even having to type this pains me which is not your fault :wink:

You can setup a task for it

or you can do the command line thing like you typed in the OP or use another command line compiler like gcc if its available for you. You can do that outside of VSC too.

One of the course videos I do believe shows how to setup the task too.

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Thanks for the quick response. After looking it over I think I’m just going to go watch the archive video for setting up Visual Studio 2017. That way if there are other things they do later on I can be consistent.

Good call. I’m currently on lecture 137 and VS 2017 has worked well for me. Especially since the later Unreal portions of the course are all currently in VS 2015 anyways. IMO, VS 2017 will allow you to focus on following the course without spending time splitting hairs on the IDE differences.

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